The Weird Child


Played by Jake

Concealed Gender, wearing scrounged clothing, unblinking eyes, a child’s body with an eerie face.

Starting Stats

Cool+1 Grit+1 Charm-1 Sharp=0 Weird+2

Starting Moves

  • Abomination
  • Feral

Maybe you were left behind in the wilderness by a family that couldn’t afford to feed you. Maybe you wandered off in the middle of the night from the protection of your pioneer family’s wagon circle. Maybe you tumbled off a train as it traveled through the desert in route for California. Whatever it was, you were left in the wilds, desolate and starved. That’s how They found you. They took you into the weird, fed you…things, and you emerged changed. Eventually, you escaped them. Now you hide near the dens of man; seeking scraps in back alleys. But you know that They are still out there—still looking for you. They are the creatures of the weird. And They claim you as one of their own.


The Weird West andr01d