Edgar "Lucky" Allen

The Huckster


Played by Dan Junior

Sports a Gambler, shadowed eyes, balding hair, scarred & lean.

Starting Stats

Cool+1 Grit+1 Charm+1 Sharp=0 Weird+2

Starting Moves

  • Revolver Roulette
  • Joker’s Wild

Who knew an old deck of cards you picked up at a dime store would change the trajectory of your life. Soon as you picked it up and shuffled it, you should have dropped it and ran screamin’ for the door. Most would’ve. But not you. You always were one to take risks. So when it whispered to you and told you to remove all but one bullet from the cylinder of your gun, spin it, then put it to your head and pull the trigger, well, you know the rest of it. No guts, no glory. Now you know its secrets. You know the power that life or death decisions hold; and you’ve learned to hang on to that power, and bend the weird to your will. Thing is, that deck of cards knows how to bend things to its will as well, pardner. In spades.

Edgar "Lucky" Allen

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