The Weird West

The Weird West
Session 1


Logan, Utah




One of our heroes awakes to the sound of a distant rooster's crow. Morning light streams through the cracked and dirty pane of a boarding house's window. They get up and walk over to the light. Dead flies litter the sill. They peer out and see a stage coach pass by on a rutted, dirt road. A blacksmith's hammer works away somewhere out of view. They scratch themselves and grab at the fleeting memory of some strange dream; a woman with long white hair, strange dogs, and fantastic machines, but all they get are impressions quickly forgotten. Welcome to Logan, Utah, the northern most civilized place of the Nation-State of Deseret. The year is 1877.



A low class establishment where the whores get better looking the more you drink the watered down ale, well, a lot more watered down ale. Its just after dinner time, and the regulars are in tossing back a few, mostly commiserating as usual. but much of the conversation circled around the fact a CIRCUS just pulled into town, and was busy setting up on the outskirts.

Fast Ray, Edgar "Lucky" Allen and Doc Jodell "Jo" Smalls and her friend "tiny", sit on their bar stools nursing said bad ale when the bat wing doors to the saloon fly open and in stomps one Haskell Helvy and six of his goons. They spot Fast Ray and stamp their spurs right on over.

Marshal Daniel Justice is leaning back in his chair in the corner, seeming to be minding his own damn business, but doing anything but just that. Nearby, a young waif most call Cur, being not sure if its a boy or a girl, slinks in the shadowy corner.

Haskell came looking for a fight, accusing Fast Ray of sleeping with his wife, Edith. His boys came to back him up.  What was bad for Haskell was Fast Ray had back up as too. It ended as quick as it started with Haskell face down on the ground, pistol whipped by Fast Ray, and two of his goons on the ground as well, done in by Marshal Dan and Lucky.

The remaining goons carried Haskell off, and the bartender has the wounded men tossed out onto the street. Cur scurries after them and begins to scavenging their bodies.  S/he spots the sheriff coming along with several deputies, and quickly finishes and rushes off into the dusk.

Three mysterious people who were nestled in a far corner, having witnessed Lucky's weird battle tactics, whisper amongst themselves and leave while staring at Lucky with intensity.

Sheriff Bailey enters into the scene, and demands an explanation. Fingers point to the Law Dog, Marshal Daniel Justice, not being well liked in these parts.  The Sheriff is quick to jump on board the hate train, as Marshal Dan was supposed to check in with the Sheriff if he ever made it back to Logan.  Its quickly made clear that Haskell was the instigator, but the Sheriff makes it clear too he will not put up with any more disorderly behavior by our posse.


Cur, after scavenging Haskel's goons bodiesmakes his/her way over to Dr. Jo's mobile laboratory, nestled inside a common stage coach. Once inside s/he proceeds to collect any metal object s/he can get his/her hands on, including the padlock's on the steam chest.


One Grady Winchell walks passed our posse carrying camera paraphernalia, and is accompanied by two large body guards. Dr. Jo engages in conversation and it is discovered Mr. Winchell is in route to capture the images of the Sioux and return back to London to display in the museum there. Dr. Jo having had experience with photography, offers to assist developing the images upon his return, which Grady Winchell enthusiastically accepts.


Fast Ray and Marshal Daniel Justice come to amiable terms due to the Marshal's assistance with Haskell's goons. Fast Ray promises to repay in kind some day.  On the way back to the boarding house, Fast Ray catches activity down an alley and takes a look. His presence sends a group scattering into the darkness, and he swears that he caught a glimpse of one of their faces as it ran off, and left him scratching his head. He plainly saw a clown's face.


Dr. Jo returns to her stagecoach laboratory to find the lock missing. Inside she quickly notices the copper piping removed from her ghost rock smelter, and some metal pans missing from the chemistry lab. Being the Weird Inventor that she is, she open's her mind and speaks to her equipment, which whispers back to her that it was CurCur stole her things.


Lucky is three sheets to the wind playing poker with the few remaining patrons who didn't mind Lucky's weird behavior from earlier, and accepted his simple explanation that he was an acrobat and part of the circus that just rolled in.  Things were going just fine, Lucky was even ahead, when suddenly Doris Harry leaps to her feet, accusing Lucky of cheating. He denies it but she is emphatic, bringing the earlier evidence of his weirdness as further evidence…

Who are the three mysterious strangers? Why were a group of clowns hanging out in a dark alley at night? Why is Marshal Dan Justice hated so? Will Grady Winchell get his selfie with the Sioux?  Will Doris find justice with the cheating Lucky? Why in the world would Cur steal Dr. Jo's metal things?





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