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The Weird West

Welcome to the west that almost was, pardner. The North and the South have been in a cease fire for a decade now, leaving that uncivil war now as cold as a floating corpse.  With that conflict eating up both side's resources, this has left the Sioux  able to keep control of the Dakotas, and the Cheyenne most of Kansas and Oklahoma.  Oh, and there's Deseret out in the Utah territory. Let's just call it a Mormon Nation-State and keep things simple.

Things however ain't quite right out west. And by not right, I mean being highly irregular with one's normal idea of how things are supposed to be. Take for instance Logan, ULuckytah in the Nation-State of Deseret. You'd think with the new railway passing through, folks would be teeming with enthusiasm. Thing is, folks are wound up tighter than a coil of ghost rock steel. Strange things have been seen roaming the streets at night. Folks have been disappearin', and no body's been found neither. Though some say they've seen some of 'em come back, but only at night, and with an unnatural hunger. Its also been said that the voices of dead kin are sometimes heard when the wind blows out of the east. Maybe its Sioux witchcraft. Maybe its something else.

All I know its high time somebody started asking the tough questions nobody wants to know the answers to; high time somebody peeked nto the weirdness, with an open mind.   And its none too soon – it's almost high noon.

 A Powered by the Apocalypse conversion of Deadlands.

The Weird West

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