Dr. Jodell "Jo" Smalls

The Weird Inventor


Played by Matt

*Wears goggles over her intense eyes; pale skinned and lead, with curly red hair. *

Starting Stats

Cool+1 Grit-1 Charm=0 Sharp+1 Weird+2

Starting Moves

  • Things speak
  • Gadgeteer

Ever since you were a child, broken things whispered to you. Told you how to fix them. How to take them apart and put them back together better than they were. And now you’ve discovered how to use ghost rock to create infernal devices of steam & steel, and brew fantastical elixirs with seemingly magical benefits. The voices no longer whisper to you though, they scream, like the wails of millions dying in agony. Only creating silences them. And then, only for a little while.

Dr. Jodell "Jo" Smalls

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