Fast Ray

The Gunslinger


Played by John

*Wears a weathered stetson over long hair, and peers with hard eyes; tan skinned and muscular. *

Starting Stats

Cool+2 Grit+2 Charm=0 Sharp=0 Weird-1

Starting Moves

  • Fan the hammer
  • Two-fisted

You were never much good at anything; maybe an ingrate son, a cheatin’ spouse, an awful farmer. Maybe you were a war hero, because there’s one thing you always done well; killin’ folk. You maybe aren’t the fastest draw, maybe you is. Maybe you’re a trick shot. Maybe you aren’t above shootin’ someone in the back. But one thing’s for sure, when the lead start’s flying, you have the most important attribute a gunfighter requires; ice water in your veins.

Fast Ray

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