Marshal Daniel Justice

The Law Dog


Played by Geno

*Wears a white stetson over a shaved head, and peers with mean eyes; young and lean. *

Starting Stats

Cool+1 Grit+2 Charm=0 Sharp+1 Weird-1

Starting Moves

  • Always get your man
  • Rally the townfolk

You’re either a Texas Ranger, a U.S. Marshall, or a Long Arm of Deseret, who’s sworn an oath to society to enforce its laws, and protect is people. Of course, you’re partial to the Confederacy, the Union, or Deseret depending on who signs your paycheck. Your badge means more in the territories under your county’s control, but it still holds clout anywhere the law is respected. Folks realize that your allegiance to law and order takes precedence over political concerns; mostly anyhow. It’s strange times, and strange troubles are a brewin’. It’s simple enough though, if it won’t submit to the badge, it’ll hang until dead. Thing is, some of these troubles, well, they already are…

Marshal Daniel Justice

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